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Welcome to my travel photography website

Hi, I’m Ivan a travel photographer based in London, United Kingdom. I first started photography in 2008 as the result of a friend talking about a new camera they had purchased. It stirred an interest in me and I went the full newbie route and purchased my first DSLR, lenses, filters, bags …. yes you guessed it! I then spent the next 4 months doing a lot of reading to learning the basics of photography as I didn’t know about apertures, f-stops, metering, how to edit photos etc.

Feeling a bit more confident in using my new toy, I took my first solo holiday abroad to Thailand with camera in hand and expectation of lots and lots of amazing photos. I did end up taking a huge number of photos but only about 10% were actually useable as I was using the wrong metering mode or focusing incorrectly for the majority of the photos!! Lesson learnt the hard way but the start of what has been an amazing number of years since of combining my growing enjoyment and appreciation of travelling and photography.

I am really lucky to have been able to visit so many beautiful places around the world, and to meet and photograph new people and locations. I look forward to sharing some of my photographs and travel suggestions with you, and I hope you enjoy them too.


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Thankfully still many wonderful places to explore and to turn red!

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